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Our overall goal is to find a fit for your Business to scale and get more quality leads or brand awareness.

Facebook Ad Management

Before spending thousands on tv ads or radio commercials, let us show you how for a fraction of that price we can generate leads and increase purchase conversions using Facebook Advertisements. 

Website Development or Redesign

Name a successful business that does not have a website? Hard right! Whether its creating a new website for your business or all you need is a redesign, we are here for you!

Search Engine Optimization

Want to rank higher in Google? We got you covered. Local SEO is our specialty. While you focus on your business, we focus on getting your site a higher Google Search rank.

Our Mission

Every business, whether a startup, small business, to large business, needs a CTO for their business to direct the technology stack within their business. Casanova Tech Solution wants to be your CTO without spending thousands of dollars per month!

San Antonio Website Developer

Why A Business Developer

Majority of our customers came to me after trying two things. One, they attempted to create a website themselves or two, they hired a freelancer from overseas and they did not get the quality service or product the paid for.

Hiring Troy Casanova and his team gives you a system, service, and overall digital product that your business deserves that costs less than a full service Digital Agency. As a Business Developer rather than just a Website Developer he first analyzes first what is best for your business. Do you need to start off with a website? Or do you need people to know who you are first which can be done by a simple brand awareness campaign on Facebook.

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Getting a website or a Facebook advertisement manager is cheaper than you think. We analyzed prices from full service Digital Agencies and we are confident you will get the same results for almost half the price. Call today and find out how!


My overall goal is to scale and get you quality leads for your Business!

Troy Casanova

Software Engineer / Web Developer

San Antonio Website Developer

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