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Facebook Ad Management

We focus on getting you leads or converting sales. So you can focus on growing your business.

Find out how FB-IG Ads can grow your business

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is not as easy as it sounds. You might have heard to just ‘boost a post’. However how many leads did you get from the boost? How much did it cost per click? How was your retargeting campaign’s result from the boosted post? Majority of our clients don’t know how to answer these questions and some don’t even know where to begin. 

We understand that your focus is to run your business, not to focus on the best practices of Facebook advertising and that is where Casanova Tech Solutions comes in!


Here are the following that we offer:


Setup your Facebook Business Page and/or Facebook Business Manager

All the magic happens within the Facebook Business Manager. We can assist in helping you set this up to be used for your Business. If you didn’t know Facebook owns Instagram, therefore Instagram ads are also set up within the Facebook Business Manager.

Create Ads with images and copy that are tailored to your clients and goals

We start off with a meeting to discuss on your goals. Whether its an engagement campaign to grow your Business on Facebook, traffic campaign to get people to your site, or lead generation/web conversion to get leads or purchases. We determine the ads based off your goals.

Facebook Pixels and Detail Targeting

The key behind Facebook advertising is Facebook Pixels. Its a code that goes on yours and other businesses websites. This allows Facebook to track every one who visits your sites or other sites. That way we could target your ads to only be shown to a certain targeted people. For example, if your a real estate agent looking for first-time buyers then you probably don’t want your ad to be shown to another individual with the job title ‘real estate agent’ but you would rather it go to individuals who have an interest in ‘first-time buying’!

Split test and Optimize your ads

Sometimes an image on one ad doesn’t work as good as another image on another ad. We learned how to read data statistics that will show which ads work vs which ones don’t. This gets you a better return of investment by getting you lower costs per clicks or lower costs per leads. Optimizing your ads is all about analyzing data and numbers. We specialize in the numbers and will give you reporting on those numbers.


Retargeting is important in digital advertising. Whether its retargeting to those who viewed your website, landing page, or already purchased an item. We will get more conversions or sales using this data. There are many ways to retarget and we will discuss on your sales/marketing funnel to utilize retargeting for better results.

Automatic Systems

It’s the 21st century, so let’s automate your process! When an individual submits a form through our FB or IG ad then we can set up a system to automatically email and text you, alerting you of a new lead and to follow up a.s.a.p. Ask us how we can integrate this into your business.

Add us to your team!

Our success is your business success. We consider ourselves more of team members than a 3-party service. This is what makes us different than the other ‘Digital Agencies’.